Ethical Clothing Suppliers


Bagmaya creates the bags you need for the sustainable lifestyle you want. Backpacks, bum bags and yoga mat bags handcrafted with hemp in Nepal by people from disadvantaged communities. Our purpose is to help you in your journey towards a more sustainable life, bridging the gap between fashion accessories and sustainability.

Ethical Clothing

Ethical Clothing was founded to make ethical decisions easier when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. We list the products of ethical and sustainable brands from all across Europe with our easy-to-use search tool. Our ethos is to encourage a measured approach towards purchasing for a slower, more conscientious, and sustainable shopping journey.

Vegan Outfitters

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We are passionate plant-based vegan killjoys! Our small but perfectly formed team is on a mission to spread compassion, one tee at a time. Just like our customers, none of us were born vegan. But once you’ve swallowed that red pill, there’s no going back. Whether you’ve been a vegan for two decades, or two days (hello Veganuary dabblers!), you’re always welcome […]