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Accoya is one of the few truly sustainable building products.  The timber is natural, beautiful, strong and has a very low carbon footprint. FSC softwoods are treated in a non-toxic process (essentially pickled) to give it the strength and durability of the very best hardwoods. This material can be used in all home applications; decking, windows, doors, landscaping & structural.

Green Policies

Accoya have obtained many of the worlds leading green certifications including the C2C at gold level. They take a cradle to grave approach and analyse every stage of the products life cycle – from sustainable wood sourcing to transport, production and disposal at the end of life. At every stage they attempt to reduce environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint.

You can review their certifications here;


Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Gold

Future Build



Singapore Greenlabel

Svanen Ecolabel

Declare label