Ethical Holiday

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If you’re looking for a holiday that is kind to the environment and leaves a lasting positive impact, Ethical Holiday can help you find your dream trip. Every listing on the site has been handpicked for their ethical values; from eco-friendly, sustainable places to stay that reinvest into the local community, to optional volunteering opportunities so you can get involved in nature and wildlife conservation, empower people and help to create a sustainable, positive future worldwide. With Ethical Holiday your trip will be a truly life changing and memorable experience that gives you the opportunity to engage with new cultures responsibly and help protect our fragile planet.

Green Policies

As an ethical business, passionate about protecting the environment, Ethical Holiday not only runs the day to day business operations with zero waste but also gives back to environmental and charitable causes:

  • Every holiday booked through the site generates a donation to the World Land Trust to protect and replant woodland and rain-forests across the planet
  • Provides free wildflower seed packets to help wildlife to thrive – seed packets are available to anyone based in the UK. If you want to claim your free packet just email the Ethical holiday team or complete the contact form on their website
  • A minimum of 15% of annual profits are donated to charitable causes, voted for by website users
  • All promotional products are made with eco-friendly materials
  • Digital tools and online forms are used wherever possible to avoid printing and paper waste
  • All accommodation listings must meet at least 2 of the ethical criteria below:
    • Environmentally Friendly – Uses renewable, sustainable energies and manages waste responsibly with reduce, reuse and recycle practices
    • Conservation of Wildlife and Nature – Does not negatively impact on the surrounding wildlife habitats and takes steps to actively protect flora and fauna
    • Community Reinvestment – Reinvests into the local community, provides educational opportunities and works to empower local people
    • Locally Sourced – Uses locally sourced produce, purchasing directly from local suppliers and promotes nearby small businesses
    • Fair Wage – Pays all workers a fair and liveable wage as well as providing workers and their families with additional benefits
    • Charitable – Works with or donates to charitable causes either at a local, national or international level
    • Volunteering – Offers participation in local community or environmental projects

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