Honey Bee Good

Honey Bee Good is run by a husband-and-wife team hand making every one of their
reusable beeswax food wraps in their little London studio. Certified food safe, with eco-
friendly production and all-recyclable paper packaging, their wraps last a year or more,
are easy to clean and oh-so-lovely. They sell wholesale, too, stocking more than 250
independent retailers!

Green Policies

 We use 100% green electricity
 Our wraps are completely handmade in East London – no machines, not even
little ones. We hand measure and cut the fabrics and hand mix and brush on the
wax mixture.
 We know where all of our fabrics are manufactured: France, Italy, Japan, or
China (where the fabric supplier’s MD and Sales Manager personally visit the
factory each year to buy the fabrics and ensure good manufacturing practices).
 Our vegan wraps: We use candelilla wax rather than cheaper soy or palm wax,
which are 10x cheaper but less environmentally friendly. Candelilla wax is highly
regulated and requires strictly enforced permits to harvest. It is also authorised in
the EU as a food additive, so we know that it is food safe. We use extra-virgin olive oil from Spain that comes in large recyclable tins, not
 We use damar resin (Grade A sustainably tapped from Dipterocarpaceae trees)
instead of pine resin because some people have a pine allergy.
 We ensure that there is no cross-contamination of our vegan products: they are
not produced alongside any beeswax products and all tools, etc are exclusive to
the vegan wraps, including non-hair paintbrushes.
 Our beeswax wraps are Certified Food Safe. We’re amongst the only makers in
the country to have had our beeswax food wraps independently laboratory tested
and certified food safe.
 The same materials are used for our vegan wraps, except for candelilla wax
instead of beeswax. Candelilla wax is both EU-authorised and FDA-approved as
a food additive.
 All of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified free from harmful substances or
(in the case of Japan, have a Dyeing Certificate: disuse of the toxic substances
concerning textiles, which follows the same certification standards).
 Our Classic fabrics have also passed independent laboratory UKAS ink migration
 Our beeswax has qualified for its Certificate of Analysis.
 We use open packaging (“belly band”) because most closed packaging comes
from China, and, aside from the air miles, we couldn’t be sure what their inks
 Our UK-based label printer is a 100% zero-to-landfill company that uses
vegetable inks. We use Kraft paper (not recycled) because there are issues with
the chemical/impurities content of some recycled papers.
 We pack our wraps in either greaseproof paper (recyclable) or clear veg starch
envelopes (made in the UK and commercially compostable), as the customer
 Wholesale orders are packed in recycled cardboard boxes with paper tape.
 All certificates and test results are downloadable on our website.
 Our environmental impact audit is on our website.

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