NATorigin is a multi-award winning, Allergy UK approved, natural and organic range of cosmetics and skincare.

Created for anyone with sensitive skin, contact lens wearers and people concerned about the environment. All products are formulated according to the principles of bio-inertia making them hypo-allergenic and is the only cosmetic or skincare range approved by Allergy UK.

Making real waves at the moment are the new lipsticks, loved by beauty journalist Janey Lee Grace and brand ambassador Gail Porter.

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Green Policies

Contapharm Laboratories and their team have invested their energy, expertise and art of formulation to create an innovative range of products for your eyes and skin. They have applied uncompromising standards to select naturally sourced ingredients, at least 97%, to develop a range of products which are pure, natural, efficient and extremely tolerant. In NATorigin they have eliminated allergenic components often used in other natural/organic products such as linalol, D-limonene, geraniol, essential oils, plant proteins, benzoic acid etc… to obtain extreme tolerance.