Practical Action

Practical Action is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.

We find out what people are doing and help them to do it better. Through technology we enable poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions – transforming their lives forever and protecting the world around them.

Green Policies

Practical Action works with communities to find practical solutions to the poverty they face. Technology has a vital role to play in building livelihoods – and technology can include physical infrastructure, machinery and equipment, but also knowledge, skills and the capacity to organise and use all of these.

We currently have over 100 projects worldwide. Last year we used technology to directly benefit over 900,000 poor women and men through projects in developing countries around the world. We work in four main areas: – Energy access

  • Food and agriculture
  • Urban water and waste
  • Disaster risk reduction

Where we work:

  • Bangladesh
  • East Africa (Kenya and Rwanda)
  • Latin America (Peru and Bolivia)
  • South Asia (Nepal and India)
  • Sri Lanka
  • Southern Africa (Zimbabwe)
  • Sudan

In addition to these seven offices, Practical Action also has a Head Office in the UK, with responsibility for coordinating group finances, management, knowledge sharing, fundraising and marketing.

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