The Natural Shop

natural health products, zero waste products

We are simply interested in a healthy green lifestyle and therefore committed to providing as wide a range as possible of natural skincare and environmentally friendly products in our Eco Store. ​None of our products are tested on animals, and we won’t sell anything containing artificial preservatives,  GM ingredients, artificial colours, or synthetic fragrances.

Green Policies

The Natural Shop is dedicated to providing a wide range of eco friendly natural products which are healthy for people, animals, and the environment.   The Natural Shop packaging is  environmentally sensitive, using many materials that are recycled and/or recyclable. We also reuse incoming packaging materials.

We perform business electronically wherever possible to reduce paper usage, and we always recycle all paper, card, and print cartridges.

The majority of our personal care products are 100% natural. Very often they are organic, and wherever possible certified organic.

The vast majority of ingredients come from renewable natural sources (e.g plant and herb extracts, minerals, and waxes).

We are 100% committed to ethical trading, sourcing only products that are of benefit to people, animals, and the environment, and which come from socially and environmentally responsible companies.

As a minimum standard, manufacturers and suppliers must demonstrate integrity, fairness and openness in their business.

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