The Thoughtful Pup

eco friendly dog toys, plastic free dog products

With a growing awareness of the impact of the pet industry on the environment, we are an independent online store selling eco-friendly dog products, from compostable dog poo bags to vegan shampoo bars. Everything we stock is made from either recycled, sustainable or natural materials, with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Green Policies

Before we decide to stock an item in our store it has to be made from materials that are either;
biodegradable/compostable, sustainable, recycled, natural or recyclable. It also has to be fit for purpose
and durable. There is no point us selling an item marketed as eco-friendly if it needs replacing frequently, there by removing any benefit to the environment. When it comes to ourselves, we have ensured that all our packaging is easily recyclable, and where possible from recycled materials. This is all stocked from a UK supplier thus bringing down our carbon footprint.

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