Vegan Outfitters

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We are passionate plant-based vegan killjoys!

Our small but perfectly formed team is on a mission to spread compassion, one tee at a time.

Just like our customers, none of us were born vegan. But once you’ve swallowed that red pill, there’s no going back. Whether you’ve been a vegan for two decades, or two days (hello Veganuary dabblers!), you’re always welcome in our VO community!

Our designs are sometimes lighthearted, and sometimes provocative. We hope they’ll help keep you smiling through the meat-heavy family dinners, and maybe even start a discussion or two…

Green Policies

Every time you buy something from our store, we’re able to donate to amazing UK sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter.

Your support will go towards buying supplies such as:

  • 3 x days worth of kale for a goat
  • 7 x days worth of hay for a sheep during the colder months
  • Sweetcorn to feed 4 chickens as a treat!
  • 7 x days worth of watermelon to feed a turkey (they love it!)


We know how much our customers care about people and the planet. We do too. We promise that any tees you order from us will come from a W.R.A.P Gold certified facility. Meaning:

  • Absolutely no sweatshops or child labour
  • Safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing
  • Solar powered sewing and cutting floor
  • 7x less water used than the average clothing manufacturer
  • Plastic-free packaging

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