Weedon Direct

recyclable packaging, eco packaging, eco friendly cardboard packaging

We manufacture & deliver corrugated packaging from 100% recyclable materials. As part of an independent group of businesses, we value the importance for our customers to be offered great value alongside sustainable eco-friendly packaging. Please visit our website for complete packaging solutions. If you are interested in innovative packaging, please visit our recent designs including corrugated desks & flexie-mailers.

Green Policies

In the Weedon Group, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We recognise that we have a responsibility to preserve, conserve and sustain the world we live in, both today and for the future, so sustainability is central to everything we do.

We therefore prioritise:

  • recovering, reusing and recycling materials
  • making the best use of our planet’s resources
  • reducing waste and CO2 emissions
  • making fit-for-purpose packaging with minimal waste

In our manufacturing operations we strive to be at the forefront of industry best practice with regard to environmental issues, using sustainable raw materials, minimising carbon footprint, waste reclamation and land fill, and maximising efficiency in our use of energy.

We design packaging to minimise its impact on the environment at every stage of the supply chain, specifying eco-friendly board grades and weights and avoiding the use of unnecessary materials . Everything we manufacture is 100% recyclable. We also offer a total cost of ownership audit to help our customers identify where waste can be eradicated and resources saved.

Please visit https://weedondirect.com/sustainability/ for more information about our accreditations