Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? sells gorgeous, ethically made clothes that tell you their tale. Everything is traceable and comes with a code so you can find out how yours was made and by whom. We have designed the clothes to be attractive, comfortable and practical and used hand-made, eco-friendly skills to ensure only positive impacts to people and planet.

Green Policies

  1. All our garments are traceable right back to the fields where the cotton grew. Customers can find out where their clothes are from by keying in a code printed on the label into our website.


  1. Our makers use traditional, low-carbon processes and azo free dyes for low environmental impact.


  1. We are committed to the people who make our garments. We are a Fairtrade-accredited business and are working towards achieving the Fairtrade mark and Organic certification.


  1. Our clothes are unique. We created the concept, the clothing and the traceability. You can’t buy them anywhere else.


  1. We are committed to creating great clothes. Our clothing has been designed by us to be stylish, practical, comfortable and ethical.


  1. We aim to inspire people to have a better relationship with their clothes and with the people who helped create them.