Compostable Bags & Tableware

Comp Bio Products Ltd is based in Wells, Somerset, which is the smallest City in the UK. The company was established in 2006 after our local council introduced kerbside collections for food waste. We felt that the prices being charged for compostable liners for the food waste caddies was inflated and embarked on sourcing a more affordable alternative to the products currently available meeting strict guidelines. We wanted compostable bags that were manufactured in the UK, manufactured from sustainable resources and were GM free and that were produced by an ethically sound company.

This turned out to be a lot harder that we first thought, first of all there is a lot of confusion between ‘Degradable’, ‘Biodegradable’ and ‘Compostable’. The more we looked into alternatives we found that there were only a couple of companies producing compostable bags and liners and none of these were produced in the UK. A number of companies produced there bags in one country, stored them in another and then shipped to the UK, we believed that we could produce an alternative range with a lower carbon footprint to the products currently available.

There were not any manufacturers in the UK producing bags from certified materials so we embarked on a partnership with one of the leading UK producers of plastic bags to start manufacturing ‘100% compostable’ bags in the UK.

March 2008 saw the first ‘CompiSax’ compostable bags samples manufactured (18 Months of hard work and we had finally got a product) and ‘CompiSax’ was born. We found that there was a lot of positive feedback for our products, the main one being that they are produced in the UK! Later in 2008 we introduced compostable alternatives for tableware and takeaway containers and we have extended our range further since March 2008.

We are now supporting a number of towns and campaign groups promoting plastic bags free towns and are supplying 100% compostable carrier bags at a price which enables traders to switch from plastic bags to an environmentally friendly alternative easily.

For more information about the CompiSax compostable range please visit their website

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