Conscious Skincare: Our Perspective On Packaging

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Not currently Recycled’ are 3 words which you will never find on Conscious Skincare packaging.

With the current spotlight on packaging and waste, Conscious Skincare’s packaging ethos demonstrates just how much thought they put into their packaging choices as they do their ingredients and formulations. ‘We go to great lengths to find recyclable packaging so we don’t push the problem onto our customers’ says Rebecca Martin, founder. ‘‘Not currently recycled’ have to be the 3 most frustrating words to appear on any packaging. We could not be at a more technologically advanced time and yet, these 3 little words keep cropping up!’, she explains.

Conscious Skincare products are all unboxed avoiding more excess packaging. ‘In the early days of Conscious Skincare, we were told if we wanted to be a premium brand, we have to box our products. We challenged that concept. What happens to that outer box? It just ends up in the bin. What a waste.

Conscious Skincare’s packaging ethos applies equally to their packing materials too. ‘Some customers ask us why we use polystyrene non biodegradable packing pellets. But we don’t! Our packing pellets are made of fully biodegradable corn starch; they dissolve in water or  go in compost where they quickly break down. ‘

They also use recyclable paper packing tape, boxes made from recycled card, recyclable paper jiffy bags and paper bags for samples or pumps. They explain their packaging choices in their customer letters too, as well as instructions on using and storing products.

To help reduce packaging further, Conscious Skincare introduced refill sizes for many of their body products. Customers can choose products without a pump, saving more plastic.

They are also seeing an increase in popularity for refill shops and encourage this all the way! When Conscious Skincare started out, Rebecca wanted to offer a refill service but at that time, there was no appetite for this. ‘I had a plan to offer independents large containers for refills so it’s fantastic to be part of this new, evolving trend’.

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