Crafternoon Tea Club Wants YOU for Alternative Olympic Art Project

As an alternative Olympic celebration, the Crafternoon Tea Club wants to create a colourful art installation in the trees of Hackney Wick – and it needs your help.

In a bid to create new friendships between local residents and local artists, the Crafternoon Tea Club will be creating ‘The Wick Woven Web.’

The Wick Woven Web is commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and timed to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. It will be a participatory and artistic celebration of Hackney Wick & Fish Island’s local communities. The Crafternoon Tea Club wants to work with local groups during a weekend of creative workshops to create larger than life friendship bracelets. The bands will then be woven into a colourful, web-like installation tied between trees in Wick Village Green.

Lead artists and founders of the Crafternoon Tea Club, Beccy McCray and Hannah Elbourne said: “We hope that our workshops will foster new friendships between local residents and local artists, connecting diverse communities through the sharing of ideas and materials, whilst at the same time showing that feelings of expressivity and excitement can be attached to sustainability and creativity instead of waste.

“The technique of connecting the threads represents the new connections made, and the final installation will represent the area’s social networks.”

If you want to take part, the Crafternoon Tea Club is asking that you collect no-longer-needed textiles to bring along to one of its creative workshops where they will work with you to connect the various fabrics using the simple two strand knotting technique used for friendship bracelets.

Materials could include; wool, yarn, string, ribbons, even an unraveled old jumper… bright and colourful is good but the longer and stringier the better. If you can’t make the workshops, simply make a fabric donation (you can arrange this by contacting Crafternoon Tea Club via their website or Facebook). The installation will literally be made from the fabric of the community.

The workshops are open to all ages and there will be music and BBQs with riot girl group ‘Gaggle’ DJ-ing on the Sunday.



Saturday 21st July, 2-7pm, the Mabley Green Torch Relay Festival.

Sunday 22nd July, 12-6pm, Street Interrupted, Prince Edward’s Rd (in front of the Hackney Pearl Café).

The Installation will go live in Wick Village Green on 27th July.

Let them know you’re coming and view demo at


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