Create Your Own D.I.Y Christmas Hamper

Lacking inspiration for Christmas presents this year? Here’s an idea for a low impact, yet practical and personal gift for your loved ones. The advantage of creating a tailor made hamper is that you can hand pick the items to go inside it and use second hand boxes, baskets and crates to pack it in and then decorate it with reclaimed ribbon, fabrics & wrapping paper. In theory nothing should go to waste as you can select food and drink which you know will be enjoyed.

Step 1:Find A Hamper

The first step is to find your hamper. You can find baskets, wooden boxes or crates from localĀ  charity shops or re-use centres or if you’re pushed for time a simple cardboard or shoe box will do. We found a lovely doggy basket at a charity shop and a wine box from our tip shop down the road. A basket from local willow or hazel would also be ideal if you’re not on a budget and want to support local artisans.

Step 2: Choosing the Goodies

Next decide what your going to put in the hamper. We use a mix of local, fair trade and organic foods for ours. You can buy local jams, honey, marmalade and chutneys from your nearby Country Markets or farm shop. If you enjoy baking you could make gingerbread biscuits, chocolate truffles or turkish delights.

The hampers we have created this year also include organic brazil and cashew nuts, dates, natural ginger beer and lemonade, local wine and liquorice. The beauty of creating a hamper in this way is that you can buy from small independant shops or market traders or visit your farmers market to select exactly what the person your creating the hamper for will appreciate and enjoy.

Step 3:The Fun Bit-Putting it all together

Arrange the produce on shredded paper, straw or scrunched up tissue paper and add ribbon, glitter and used wrapping paper to decorate.

Still not inspired? Other ideas you could try include a natural toiletry hamper, an eco baby gift basket, fairtrade chocolate selection or vegan goody box.

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