Crowdfunder Launched To Help Save The Typical UK Household £100 A Year

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We’re pleased to announce that GreenFinder member Energy Squirrel the creators of the radiator squirrel (an easy-to-fit radiator attachment that boosts the performance of central heating systems) have just started a crowdfunding scheme to help launch a carbon busting and money saving product for the home.
Here’s the maths……..

Radiator Squirrel savings per ‘Typical’ UK home

= over £100 per year

      Or around 410kg of CO2

If the 22,000,000 suitable homes in the UK, were all fitted with the energy squirrel the national savings would be

£2.2 billion


9 million tonnes of CO2

To learn more about the Crowdfunding scheme and how you can support it visit their campaign page here