Cyber Warming or Global Warming?

Computers and IT are generating 35m tonnes of CO2 gas each year. Reversing Cyber Warming is vital, as electricity consumption is set to triple by 2010.

Organisations need to look at IT first to really make the effort to be environmentally sustainable, as its impact can be huge and costly. With rising energy and hardware costs, change is paramount to allow your IT to be more efficient and flexible. It will also indirectly reduce emissions and costs, cooling the Cyber Warming effect and giving your business and staff a more greener and flexible working environment.

This is at a tipping point now, with a government taskforce being formed to look into the Cyber Warming effect. If you are thinking green then get started with a carbonizeIT audit. We look into each hardware sector’s CO2 and energy levels and the way each individual organization use their current IT. Working with each client, we advise on greener, more flexible solutions to roll out as part of an ongoing strategy or implement on a project basis. For more information please visit our website

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