The Benefits Of A Digital Detox In The Forest

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The world moves at such a fast pace nowadays that we need to escape the race every now and then. Forest Holidays have written this blog looking at the impact of the digital world and why we benefit from getting away from it every now and then.

The impact of technology

With technology everywhere in households, the workplace and schools it’s becoming tough to find time to unplug and unwind. With TV, smartphones, consoles, tablets and computers, it’s no surprise so many of us are stressed and suffering the ill effects. With technology, there’s a fear of missing out and a constant need to check what others are doing socially. It has such an impact that we forget to live our own lives to their fullest.

Then there’s the physical issues. It can be the odd headache here and there, tight shoulders, back ache, blurry vision, poor sleep in isolation. They can be marked down as a one-off symptom but over time these could signal a growing health problem.

Reconnect with nature

Most Forest Holidays locations are remote and phone reception can be patchy.  There’s optional internet access but many guests choose not to take it. Guests arrive nervous about ‘switching off’ and unsure as to how they will cope, but this usually lasts for a few hours until, slowly but surely, they unwind, reconnect with the world around them and take in the full sensory experience of the forest.

Mentally, you’ll love a new sense of freedom and feel liberated from the control of being ‘always on.’ Then there’s the health benefits. According to research these range from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, lowering the stress hormone cortisol and boosting moods.

Booking an escape to the forest is without a doubt one of the most natural and healing tonics you can find. Forest Holidays locations can be found all across the UK, often just an hour or so from home.

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