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A tiny herb patch nestling in a hidden corner of her parent’s garden, her “secret” herb garden. That is Elizabeth’s earliest memory of herbs, that and picking chamomile at the edge of fields on family walks. Many years on and she has the joy of exploring herbs further for their uses in simple remedies, in the home, and in beauty treatments. The last of these has also become her own homegrown business, Amiya Natural Beauty which gives her the opportunity to share this passion through beautiful herbal products, and recipes her customers can make at home.

As more of us turn to natural alternatives for ourselves and our families, we discover just how difficult it can be to understand the products we are buying, the ingredients they contain, and how to make the best choices. It’s something Elizabeth wrote about recently in an article ‘Choosing natural beauty products without the fear factor’ which can be viewed on her website.

There is much debate about what is a “natural” beauty product. The bottom line is that if you go outside and harvest the ingredients, make the product in your kitchen, and use it in a week or so – this is about as natural as it gets! Yet in reality the demands of modern life mean that we need to bring together natural ingredients with modern techniques, in this way we also benefit from many useful advances in cosmetic production.

At Amiya Natural Beauty, they seek to utilise organic, herbal ingredients to the maximum. If you were to poke your head round the door of Amiya’s little “laboratory” in the back garden you would be met by the lovely smells of herbs infusing, esential oils being blended, and herbal waters being measured out. Elizabeth then carefully selects essential ingredients like preservatives, emulsifiers and shampoo detergents that are as gentle as possible. You can find out more about what goes in our products in their ingredients A-Z.

You’ll also find a growing collection of herbal beauty recipes for you to make at home. The beauty industry has become a place of too many secrets and far to much control over customers. That’s not what Amiya’s about! Elizabeth wants her customers to enjoy the natural hair and skin care products she makes, and also be able to rediscover herbal beauty for themselves with simple recipes such as herbal hair rinses, hair oils, face packs and more. They’ve recently started publishing these recipes on their website and more will be added every month – you can get the latest ones (as well as product offers) in their monthly newsletter.

Elizabeth Marsh is the owner of Amiya Natural Beauty and you can view her collection of herbal products here

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