Dr. Bronner’s Wrap raise over £25,000 for Compassion in World Farming Campaign

Dr. Bronner’s, the organic soap brand which is known for its high profile activism campaigns for social change, has just wrapped up a successful campaign for Compassion in World Farming (Compassion), the world’s leading farm animal welfare charity.

From October 2014 to June 2015, Dr. Bronner’s donated 20p from every bottle of Dr. Bronner’s 473 ml and 946 ml bottles of liquid soap sold in the UK to support Compassion and are delighted to announce that they sold 68,124 bottles of 473mls liquid soap and 59,436 bottles of 944ml liquid soap, a total of 127,560 units, raising £25,512 for Compassion.

The Compassion campaign was conducted by Dr. Bronner’s US head office in conjunction with its UK distributor, Kinetic and supported by a national press and social media campaign.

Mike Bronner, Vice President of Dr. Bronner’s says “We are thrilled at the success of this campaign and would like to thank our UK distributor Kinetic and all our retailers and customers who supported it. We are always looking for ways to help make the planet a better place and we are extremely happy that we are able to support such a great organization as Compassion in World Farming. The money raised will go to Compassion to support their work to improve quality of life and conditions for farm animals by working toward broad policy change that benefits human health, the environment, and animals.”

The money Dr. Bronner’s has donated will go towards improving the lives of farm animals so they can live a healthy life on the land.  Unfortunately, two in three farm animals on this planet today are enduring ‘life’ in intensive farms – caged, confined, selectively bred to grow so fast that their legs and hearts may give way.

Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming says “We would like to send a huge thank you to Dr. Bronner’s for supporting our campaign. We highly value their brand and they are truly an inspiration; if more companies worked the way they did the world would be in a much better place.”

For more information visit: www.drbronner.co.uk/compassion or www.ciwf.org/drbronner