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Many parents struggle to find solutions for their little ones’ sensitive skin. By choosing materials and products that are free of harsh chemicals or irritants, you can soothe baby’s eczema and other discomforting skin conditions. Imago Dei was created out of our founder’s own experiences researching clothing and cosmetics that would be kinder to her son’s sensitive skin. Imago Dei strives to make a difference by being different – we use the best 100% organic cotton in our clothing and accessories, we seek to uplift and inspire through positive messages that reflect our ethos, and we listen to the needs of our customers.

Why Our Fabric is Different

Because we know that synthetic fibres easily irritate the skin and have a more negative effect on the environment during and after the manufacturing process, we use 100% organic Pima cotton in our apparel and accessories. Polyester and other synthetics are less breathable than cotton, and this can aggravate baby’s sensitive skin. Our fabric is different because it is specially chosen for its healing and soothing properties. The organic cotton we use is naturally hypoallergenic, and besides being breathable (which helps to regulate baby’s body temperature), it is machine-washable too. The natural, plush quality of this material is designed to help soothe eczema flare-ups and other skin complaints.

Why we are Different

There are times when baby will niggle, but we believe that everything is easier when baby is wrapped in comfort, softness and positivity. At Imago Dei, it is our philosophy to inspire one mind at a time. In addition to our earth-friendly ethos, we have a unique, uplifting approach to branding. Many of our baby garments are printed with text that reflects our forward-thinking ethos. By clothing baby in apparel that encourages positive thinking, we hope to inspire baby, mum and dad alike to believe in the words: “I’m a world changer; I’m going to change the world!” With these messages, we channel our earth-friendly optimism into carefully chosen words of inspiration.

Like Baby, we Keep Growing

At Imago Dei, inspired by babies’ continual growth and discovery of the new, we also like to grow and develop, testing out new things and learning in the process. We also listen to the wants of our customers, valuing their input. This is why we are launching a brand new premature baby range in July, which is designed specifically for little babies that have extra sensitive skin. When baby is still new to the world, its bright colours and loud sounds, extra comfort and natural surrounds help to soothe and protect. Since a lot of our customers have been asking for dedicated premie apparel that will help newborns adjust to their environment, we listened. At Imago Dei, we want to provide mums and dads with alternatives to non-natural apparel and accessories, and we want to provide for little ones of all ages, so we are really excited to bring you our latest selection of gentle, organic cotton designs.

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