Eco Friendly Diamonds: Are They Lower Quality

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Eco-friendly diamonds otherwise known as man-made diamonds or lab-created diamonds are the latest version of the best that technology can deliver. They are completely identical to the regular mined diamonds in every aspect.

The amazing thing is that these diamonds, instead of being dug out of the earth, are simply created by scientists in a lab. However, the big question that always hangs over this type of diamond is with regards to their quality, and the answer is simple.Eco-friendly diamonds are in no way inferior to regular mined diamonds; both in kind and quality.

They are grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that are a replica of the conditions present in Earth’s natural growing environment. The same high pressure and high temperature are applied here. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds essentially have the same crystal structure, chemical composition, as well as the same physical and optical properties of diamonds found naturally. In theory and appearance, they are just as immaculate.

Can You Actually Tell the Difference?

The difference between a lab-created diamond and the mined version is practically impossible to tell. As a matter of fact, even jewellers cannot tell the difference with their loupe. Then follows the questions ‘how is this even possible?’ ‘How can something that typically takes millions of years to completely develop be cultivated in the lab within a few weeks?’ Well, the major reason why it is difficult to spot the difference is that there is really no difference; lab-created diamonds are real diamonds themselves. They have the same carbon structures that are present in mined diamonds. The only apparent difference is that the process for making eco-friendly diamonds is simply a sped-up version of the process that makes mined diamonds.

The process of cultivating these diamonds in the lab is pretty straightforward. The first step starts with a carbon “seed.” This seed is placed in a chamber where the appropriate amount of heat, pressure, and gases are applied to make the diamond grow. It usually takes between 6 and 10 weeks. When crystallization has fully taken place, the diamonds produced are cut and polished. They are then subjected to the same grading process that mined diamonds go through.  At the end of the day, the final lab product would have features completely identical to mined diamonds.

Similarly, just like mined diamonds have natural flaws, eco-friendly diamonds have the same flaws which are a result of rock formation. Also, they have different colour tints just like mined diamonds. Looking at these diamonds with the naked eye, it is very difficult if not completely impossible to differentiate between them.

Even highly experienced gemmologists cannot tell the difference simply because there is no difference to observe. It is therefore very possible for lab-grown diamonds to get mixed into batches of mined diamonds sometimes.

Why Should You Opt for Eco-Friendly Diamonds?

  1. Identical Appearance

Lab-grown diamonds offer an equal amount of brilliance, fire, and beauty just like a mined diamond. Trying to tell the difference is simply a waste of time as they do not present any to the naked eye.

They come in different carats ranging from as small as .35 carats to as large 3.5 carats or even larger. They also come in different grades of colour, cut and clarity and may range all the way up to D in colour,  IF or Internally Flawless in terms of clarity, and excellent in cut.  Of course, the cut is the most important of all of these grades, however, some mined diamonds may never even attain these levels of impeccability.

  1. Environmentally Friendly and Free of Conflict

Since these diamonds are man-made, there is absolutely no chance of a blood diamond being in there somewhere. These stones are also completely conflict-free, human and ethical. The inscription ‘lab-grown’ implies that you are not in any way causing damage to the earth or engaging in child labour or supporting any wrong cause.

  1. Reduced Cost

Aside from being of better quality in certain cases, eco-friendly diamonds cost a lot less than the mined version. On average, you could save up to 25%!  The reason for this cost reduction is that no resource goes into excavating the remotest parts of the earth in search of diamonds. They are grown in labs for a couple of weeks thereby making the cost of production relatively less.


Once you know the right tips for buying diamond carats, the rest is a matter of individual choice. If you are interested in making the best choice with respect to your budget and ethics, eco-friendly diamonds do not hurt at all.  They are just as real as mined diamonds – only they weren’t excavated. A better option for planet and people.