Eco Friendly Fashion Fixes

Being green doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy fashion. We can still buy into the new trends, but be responsible about the impact we’re having on the environment. There are a number of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to buying clothing. There’s no need to buy fashion that’s been transported across the globe, just for it to end up in landfill months later.

1.    Buying British

It’s still rare, but it’s becoming easier to find fashion products made in the U.K. As now we can find anything from British-made knickers to handbags. Not only is buying British less harmful for the environment, but it also helps the economy and many local communities as textiles mills are brought back into use. Of course there’s no guarantee as to where the materials were sourced, but there are many other factors to take into consideration, such as whether the materials are organic, or upcycled from materials that would have gone to waste.

2.    Customising our old clothing

Along the lines of upcycling, we can make more use of our old clothes by altering and customising them to make them more current. Avoid throwing away your tired t-shirts, dresses or jeans and embellish them with studs or sequins. These can be found cheaply in any local haberdashery, and easily attached around the collar or pockets for a subtle update. To cover wear and tear attach in clusters to the shoulders or onto panels of fabric off-cuts which can then be stitched on.

3.    Wearing vintage

To reduce our carbon footprint we can avoid buying new altogether. To produce just one garment it can take thousands of gallons of water, and then there’s the distance it’s travelled. Buying a few vintage pieces can add a unique twist to our wardrobes at the same as doing our bit for the environment. As opposed to throwing out this clothing, it can be resold and reused for many years to come if taken care of.

When buying new make it British and be creative with your existing wardrobe to stay stylish and get the most out of your clothes.

This is a guest post on behalf of  ASOS, online fashion retailer of lingerie, handbags and many other British-made and vintage products.

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