Eco Friendly Pewter & Hemp Napkins Rings produced in the UK

Tactile Interiors – the online store for eco-friendly home accessories – are showcasing their latest homeware produced in the UK. These Pewter Napkin Rings are handmade in lead free pewter.

Modern pewter is a plentiful, non-toxic resource and tin mining has low impact on the environment.  This eco-friendly metal does not need polishing like silver and it does not go grey like old pewter. Lead free pewter doesn’t react with food stuffs unlike other precious metals. It can be wiped with soapy water.

The Napkin rings look great with our Hemp Table Napkins which are made locally (in Surrey), and Hemp is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics. Hemp is a textural, naturally attractive fabric that can be produced in various weights, so is suitable for the finest of apparel to heavy duty upholstery. It is naturally UV resistant and absorbent, and is also known for its anti-bacterial, anti-mould and insulative qualities. It feels soft and has a contemporary elegance, suitable for today’s more simple taste.

Tactile Interiors is an online store featuring home accessories which are chosen with an eco-friendly and fair-trade agenda. Products made from recycled milk bottles and plastics, beeswax candles, dining tables made from reclaimed wood, and biodegradable kitchenware. The majority of products are produced in the UK.



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