Eco Friendly Plant Pots Made From Coir

500 million plastic pots are produced in the U.K every year. From the production of the oil to the refinery process, moulding and transporation the environmental cost is huge. There is a greener alternative though in the shape of biodegradable and organic plant pots.

At the Natural Gardener they grow their own pots. Coming from what would be the unused husks of coconuts, their coir fibre is a totally renewable and constantly renewed natural resource. Naturally growing coconut palms actually help reduce C02 emissions – try saying that about an oil well !

The coir pots, pressed into shape by the friendly people of Sri Lanka and happily biodegrade when you plant them, and so a natural resource returns back to your soil and natures natural cycle rolls around again.

The coir pots last about 12 months above ground before they go ‘hairy’, and biodegrade over several months when planted. All of our pots are made in southern Sri Lanka from a village women’s co-operative. Collection of the coconut husks is also quite a cottage industry for Sri Lanka.

Even the organic natural jute bag we package them in has a myriad of uses in the garden, and of course – after a couple of years – you can then compost it.

Prices start at just £3.95 for a bag of 20 pots.

To learn more about how the coir pots are made and to view more natural gardening products please visit The Natural Gardener website.

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