Sustainable Green Printing

green printing image

Sustainable green printing technology is on the rise in the field of publishing. One company in particular Onlineprinters are beginning to implement sustainable measures in their business. As an ever increasing number of printers globally are switching to sustainable green printing methods the demand seems to be driven by both the general public and businesses alike.

Non Sustainable Printing Practices

Though this is the way forward in the printing industry today, some service providers still use conventional printing methods. This could be attributed to the fact that they find old methods more inexpensive than going green. The usage of petroleum-based inks, non-recycled papers, and other lethal solvents can lead to toxic substances entering nearby soil and groundwater.

Green printing might be taxing but is very worthwhile for both environmental reasons and for the corporate responsibility of businesses.

Green Paper and Inks

Green papers and inks as classed as being made from non-hazardous and planet friendly materials. The precise paper to be utilized must be fully recycled or chlorine-free. Papers prepared from waste by-products and sustainably farmed materials are also obtainable for use.

Vegetable-based inks are the best match for these papers. This is because they are less toxic and safer in terms of waste disposal. A high-quality printer will offer advice on which ink type and paper will be the greenest alternative for a printing job with no quality compromise of the end product.

Energy Efficient Machines

Conventional printing companies tend to consume large quantities of energy. A green  printer is expected to use printing machines that are energy-efficient to facilitate the reduction of wasted energy. Online printers use a variety of methods to lessen their impact on the environment. More details can be found here.

Carbon Neutral Techniques

Even with the use of energy-efficient machines, green papers and inks there are still emissions of carbon during the printing process. Accountable printing companies do not ignore this factor but attempt their level best to balance out or offset their carbon discharges.

Hiring the services of a green printing firm is the preferable option of hiring a non green printer, however to be even more sustainable it’s better to avoid the publication of surplus or excessive printed materials and to choose carefully the volume of printed items you produce.