Eco Friendly School Uniforms

Lint Ltd (Lint-Kids) was created in April 2006 and was launched on-line in September 2007. It’s creation came about after I struggled to find cotton school uniform for my son who has eczema, I use to watch him struggle each day with his skin irritation, which did not help with him wearing school clothing made from synthetic fabrics, this gave me the drive I needed to pursue my task in finding cotton school clothing.

In my research on eczema and through advice from my doctor, I realised that the right type of clothing for my son Nyle was cotton, as it helped the skin to breathe. Whilst researching I found pyjamas made of organic cotton and came to understand the difference between conventional cotton and organic cotton and the benefits it could have on a child who has sensitive skin. Although wearing the pyjamas did not cure the eczema completely, Nyle’s skin showed noticeable improvements with less signs of irritation.

We knew what great benefits existed with the use of organic cotton and wanted Nyle to have the same benefit throughout his day and not just through the nights. With persistent encouragement from my husband, we decided to put my years of studying pattern cutting and working within the garment industry into practice.

I found manufacturers who supplied organic cotton, who were also certified by a reputable global certification authority and worked along fair trade standards. I was content to finally have found school clothing that was not only making a difference to a child’s skin by being made from organic cotton not grown with any harmful chemicals but was also being made ethically without children being involved in manufacturing, working along fair trade standards and was not being chemically treated during production, therefore not making an impact on the environment.

I have found out whilst researching, skin irritation and allergies, can be aggravated by many things found in the clothing we wear. There are chemicals called perflourinated chemicals (PFCs), which are used in synthetic clothing, as most school uniforms are made mainly from synthetic fabrics like polyester and viscose these chemicals can be found in school skirts and trousers. Teflon is a main chemical used on school clothes also known as “easy care” preventing stains and reducing your ironing.

We at Lint are a small family fun company that feel pleased to know that in our journey to find organic cotton clothing we have managed to contribute towards fair trade for workers, the environment and most importantly giving our children chemical free clothes.This is why we believe all children should have a chance to wear 100% organic school uniforms without the use of synthetic dyes or harmful chemicals, which are at affordable prices ranging from £7.99 to £19.99 for children aged between 3 to 16 years.

Yvette Munasinghe

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