Eco Friendly Tips For The Construction Industry

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A lot of people think about the destruction of the environment when they think of the construction industry. Images of a wrecking ball or of a building coming apart inherently lend themselves to the image of destruction. People may also associate the destruction of forests to make way for new residential estates or commercial buildings.

Many construction companies are now making an effort to do their part for the environment and there are many new initiatives that can help lower the carbon footprint of a building.

Recycling Materials

Concrete, wood, and metal aren’t always used in the precise quantity in which they were ordered. But a lot of construction companies simply discard the excess materials. They can easily be reused! Even the buildings that are deconstructed come with a lot of materials that can be put into future building projects.

This doesn’t only include the recycling of raw materials. The machinery you use can also be recycled once it is past its prime. You can also buy and sell older machinery at places like Recycling Machinery.

Cleaning Up

Construction creates a lot of mess. You can see all those big chunks of building material all over the site at the end of every day. But what about the mess you can’t see immediately? Building work generates a lot of dust and smaller pieces of debris. Most of the time, this can be ignored. It then blows out onto nearby streets. When this happens, all the dust and dirt can find its way into local water supplies and into the air we breathe.

In terms of preventing pollution from the dust a specialised clean-up crew can take to the streets surrounding your site. They will ensure the environment around the building site remain as clean as can be.

Encouraging  Eco-Friendly Buildings

Trying to convince property developers there is a better way to approach environmentally friendly initiatives might be hard but  such options won’t be considered at all if they are not given examples.

Highlighting eco-friendly options and an enthusiasm for installing renewable energy utilities may persuade some developers to adopt green schemes. This may indirectly help promote the construction of green buildings as every time one is successfully built  it can be showcased as an example of what can easily be achieved as standard.