Eco Friendly Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents

eco friendly wrapping paper

Did you know that in the U.K we use enough wrapping paper to stretch around the equator nine times ? (source: Recycle Now). With that scary statistic in mind we should certainly be looking for alternatives and greener ways to wrap our presents. For those of you who fancy being thrifty, resourceful and creative this season try these ideas for size…

1.Visit charity shops, reuse centres or junk shops to find sheet music, old maps, comics, unused rolls of wallpaper and last years calendars which can all be used as wrapping paper. If you are a freecycler see what’s available from fellow members.


2. Make your own reusable gift bags. Here are some simple instructions on how to make a gift bag from an envelope.

3. You can also make gift boxes from waste card or last years Christmas cards. Use this simple cube template to get you started.

3. Discover the Japanese art of Furoshiki which uses fabrics and materials to wrap your presents.  See a demonstration here. You can use material off cuts, old clothes, table cloths or scarves to elegantly wrap your gifts.

4. Plain brown paper can be recycled so makes a great alternative to shop bought Christmas paper. If you’re feeling crafty you can use stamps to decorate it or simply adorn with evergreen and pine cones to make it look festive.

wrapping paper alternatives

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