Household Eco Tips To Beat The Credit Crunch

We are by now probably all suffering from Credit Crunch overload. With people trying to cut down on their spending there has never been a better time to be reducing, reusing and recycling. Reducing your spending often equates to a lower carbon footprint so just in case you are still looking at ways to budget your household income read on…

Dig out a draft excluder

With the shock of colder weather this winter, find ways to keep out any unpleasant drafts – check seals on windows and doors, put heavy curtains in place. Visit Green Planet Insulation for more draught proofing ideas


Use natural cleaning products – vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of  soda.  If you think these aren’t going to be powerful enough, the trick is to use less more often,  reducing the need for those harsh chemical cleaners. A small bottle of vinegar can cost just 32p and is just at good at removing hard water stains around the sink as any shop bought product.

Embrace Preloved Items

Buying Preloved doesn’t have to be old fashioned and tired, vintage and revamping old clothes are in! Swishing parties  and clothes swapping  is the latest trend in updating your wardrobe.  Check out our second hand section of the website for more ways to recycle books, hi-fi’s and other household goods.

Reuse Packaging

Reuse plastic or glass containers for storing rice, pasta etc in the kitchen.  Plastic takeaway containers can be reused as lunch boxes and those tins of  chocolate you received at Christmas can make very handy cake tins. Ice cream and margarine tubs make for excellent storage pots too.  More reuse ideas here.

Energy Saving

Did you know you can save £61 a year by turning off that PC or Monitor when it’s not in use or that for one pound  you can listen to your hi fi for 31 days compared to watching your plasma TV for just 8 days. (Based on 4 hrs per day  & 20 hrs standby)

Eat Your Greens

Eating less meat is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.  Check out some yummy and nutritious vegetarian recipes here

You may find that by saving money in one area, you can treat yourself
in another.  Some nice organic linen or sustainable handmade furniture can be a great investment for any household.

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