Eco Pet Tips

This month our eco tips are for pet owners wanting to reduce their pet’s carbon paw prints and come courtesy of Sian from the Green Dog Company. A website which supplies organic food, natural toys and chemical free shampoo to pet owners.

1.Green walkies!
The bacteria in dog poo is potentially very harmful to humans so be a responsible dog owner and always collect it in a biodegradable poop bag. Bio bags take around 45 days to biodegrade compared to hundreds of years for a plastic bag.

2.Green Dinner Time
Spending a little more on organic food for your pet means that they avoid lots of unnecessary additives and artificial flavourings which are found in many brands of pet food which can effect your pets health and their behaviour.

3.Bath time (naturally)
Using natural shampoos rather than those containing lots of chemicals is not only kinder to the environment, it is also kinder to both your pet’s skin, and your own! Chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which create the foaming action in many soaps and shampoos can be highly irritating to skin. This is one of many chemicals commonly used in dog shampoos. So keep it natural and be kind to you and your pet’s skin.

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