Green Holiday Resources

With July and August being peak holiday season we thought you might appreciate some useful green holiday hints, tips and resources for your jollies this year.

For those of you wanting some quick pointers on how to green your holiday check out our green holiday tips from last year.

First off for those of you interested in travelling by train or boat check out The Man in Seat 61, this is certainly one of the most comprehensive travel sites around. Its a must for people wanting to experience both European and worldwide travel without the need to board a plane.

Next up we have chosen some handy resources you might want to check out before you set off. The Echarger is a back pack with a small solar panel so you can charge your phone and ipod even if you are in the back of beyond.

For holiday reading and second hand travel guides check out Green and if you are planning to explore a U.K destination seek out a copy of ecoescape.

For a useful backpack that folds down into a small pouch take the Onya Back with you and last but not least if you are heading somewhere hot and sunny don’t forget the sun screen, Green People do a range of organic sun creams for adults and children.

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