Eco Tips To Winter-Proof Your Home

With the last week of October  upon us now is the ideal time to start thinking about saving on our winter fuel bills and cutting down on lost energy in our homes.  Here are a few simple ideas that can help winter-proof your home.

1.Thermal Paint It

Thermilate is a revolutionary paint additive that makes paint insulate. It cuts energy loss by reducing heat loss through your walls and ceilings and therefore helps to reduce energy bills. It can be used almost anywhere you can apply paint/coatings.

2. Eco Flap It

Stop letter box draughts for good with the retro fitting draught barrier flap for the inside of your letterbox. Ecoflap is completely draught proof and will never blow open.

3.Fit Funky Draught Excluders

Ecoutlet’s fab draught excluders are an easy way to cut down on draughts in those chilly rooms.

4.Don’t Forget To Draw The Curtains

Gecco Interiors has a range of  curtains and blinds which are lined with bamboo and unbleached cotton for added insulation.

5.Discover Magic Wallpaper

Sempatap Thermal has been developed for energy conservation and is often referred to as ‘magic wallpaper’ or ‘flexible insulating lining’. It is a remarkable material which, when applied inside properties on external walls  substantially reduces heat loss making rooms immediately feel warmer.

With up to 20% of all heat loss in a typical house through ventilation and draughts now is the right time to implement these energy saving in time for the colder weather.

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