Energy Saving Tips from Green Planet Insulation

Janine Ford, energy saving consultant from Green Planet Insulation has kindly provided us with some interesting facts and figures about saving energy in our homes this winter.

Our homes are directly responsible for about a third of the nation’s CO2 (carbon) emissions. This is through using energy (gas, electricity, oil, coal ) for hot water, lighting, appliances and cooking. Of the energy used in our home about 60% is for heating the spaces we live in.

From all sources, an average person in the UK is responsible for releasing 9.3 tonnes of CO2 every year – roughly five well filled hot air balloons. The challenge is for each of us to lose 3 of these in the next 20 years AND save lots of money year on year by doing it! The following energy saving measures show how much money you can save on your bills as well as how much CO2 you can prevent being emitted.

Cavity Wall Insulation £130-£160 p/a and one tonne (1000kg) of carbon.

Loft Insulation (270-300 mm) £97 p/a and 723 kg


Draught-proofing windows and doors £20-£22 p/a and 140kg

Fill gaps (floors and skirting) £10-£20pa/ 130 kg

More facts and figures here