Energy Saving Tips

This month we have decided to focus on the theme of energy saving. These eco tips come courtesy of the owl which is a new device designed for the home. It reveals how much energy a household is using and how much this electricity usage is costing in pence per minute. The Owl hopes to encourage people to lower their household carbon emission [and as a result their monthly electricity bills] in order to create a greener more eco-friendly home.

1. Fill washing machines and dish washers to maximum for each cycle.

2. Wash clothes on cooler temperatures – 40 degrees or less.

3. When changing appliances ensure that you purchase the best Energy Rating. Look for the AA rating.

4. Put all outside lights on ‘proximity switches’.

5. Switch off electronic goods such as TV’s, videos and games consoles at wall sockets when not in use.

6. When boiling food on the hob, keep the lid on pots and pans. This will cook food quicker and save energy.

7. Use tumble dryers less and if possible dry using a washing line.

For more information on energy saving you can visit the Energy Saving Trust

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