Energy Saving Winter Warmers

With energy prices and fuel bills on the increase, staying warm and staying energy efficient is top of everyone’s priority list at the moment.   Sometimes the old ways remain the best ways and the latest winter warmers from ECOutlet aim to help keep the chills and big bills at bay over the coming frosty season.

Turning down the thermostat at home by 1°C can reduce annual heating consumption by 10% but why not go one step further by keeping the bedroom heating switched off and snuggling up with an old-fashioned hot water bottle instead. The Organic Merino wool hot water bottle covers are made from a hard wearing yet super-soft felt fabric which is created using traditional methods, mainly hot water, soap and agitation. Due to its natural insulation properties, the felt makes a perfect cover for the hot water bottles and the softness combined with the warmth of the materials results in a luxuriously comforting companion for bedtime.

Up to 20% of heat loss in a typical home is through ventilation and draughts.  Draught proofing is an easy and cost effective way to increase your home’s energy efficiency by filling the gaps and decreasing the amount of cold air entering rooms.

With the Psychedelic Snake draught excluders homeowners can add a touch of 70’s retro styling to rooms whilst beating the winter chills simultaneously. Made from vintage fabric and filled with biodegradable buckwheat husks, each snake is 92cm long and flexible enough to fit into most door frames.

It is estimated that as much as 70% of the heat produced by radiators is wasted on heating the wall behind it.  As the radiator heats up, it warms the wall behind and this heat is then transferred to the outside of the wall where it is lost.

Heatsaver radiator panels significantly reduce this effect from occurring.  With Heatsaver panels installed, the hot air naturally rising behind a radiator is caused to spindle by the profile of the panel out into the room.  The wall behind the panel then stays cool and heat circulation around the room is increased.

Fitting radiator panels throughout the home will cut heating bills by up to 20% and would save the average three bedroom semi-detached house £60 a year resulting in a pay-back period of less than a year.

The Radiator Booster uses miniature 12-Volt electric fans to suck heat up from the radiator and sends it out into the room.  This action significantly reduces heat loss through the wall behind the radiator and as it heats the room quicker it also allows your heating system to shut down sooner thus helping with energy savings.

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