Enjoy A Natural Spa Experience In The Comfort Of Your Own Home With Voya

As a firm advocate of the benefits of sea salt for skincare I was delighted to try Voya’s Lazy days Sea weed treatment with added dead sea salt.

Beauty Benefits

The soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties of sea weed have been recognised for years and as someone with very dry skin I found the treatment not only relaxing and luxurious but beneficial for my sensitive skin too. It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated and I really did feel pampered. When running the bath you get a lovely seaside smell as the hot water and steam release the nutrients and scent of the sea.


To enjoy this luxurious spa treatment you simply leave the seaweed in it’s net, place it in your bath and fill with very hot water. The hot water helps to release the plant’s alginate properties and by squeezing the seaweed it will also help to release more gel. You can also get a second treatment from the pack but do need to use it within three days.

voya sea weed pickers

Green Credentials

Sustainable harvesting practices are used to ensure that there is no damage to the the delicate coastal environment of County Sligo that provides Voya with their certified organic seaweed. The product comes beautifully packaged in a net and recycled cardboard box and when finished with can be composted or used as a natural fertilizer in your garden.  You can read more about their environmental and ethical policy here

The Voya collection uses seaweed in a whole host of skincare and beauty products ranging from liquid soap and lip balms to facial serums and hair care. Visit their website for more details.