Enjoy A Winter Weekend With Woodland Ways

If you are looking for the ultimate in green gifts then Woodland Ways have put together the perfect gift for the bushcraft enthusiast. How about a Woodland Ways Weekend gift voucher valid for 18 months, complete with your own unique Karesuando Bushcraft Knife, a Reindeer Handle Fire Steel, A DC4 Sharpening stone in a black leather sheath, and a hand made tinder bag to prepare for your fire, all  for just £269.

The Woodland Ways Weekend is the intermediate Bushcraft and Survival Course, and has quickly developed into one of their most popular courses! An ideal starting course for the beginner and for those who wish to try their hand at something different. It is also relevant for those who have an outline understanding of the concept and techniques of Bushcraft & Survival but wish to practice their techniques.

This course is not an endurance test, but is designed for you to get practical hands on experience of the basics of Bushcraft & Survival, in a fun and a safe run weekend. No prior experience is required for you to attend this course.

Beginning in an expedition style camp on the Friday evening, their instructors will guide you through the following sessions throughout the weekend: knife choice and care, fire lighting techniques, tinder choice & preparation, game/fish & mammal preparation, shelter building, natural navigation, natural foods, traps & snares, natural cordage, knot work, tree & plant identification, water collection, filtration and purification. Participants must be 18 years+.

For GreenFinder visitors only we have extended this offer to include all of the above kit, plus a week long course for just £458. You cannot book this online so you’ll need to give them a call to sort this one out, but we guarentee it will be a present never to be forgotton! (and dont tell too many people please, just our gift to you). Please ring 07843064114 and quote GreenFinder.

To learn more about their woodland courses please visit the Woodland Ways website

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