Ethical Business Guide Book

The world today faces huge challenges such as economic meltdown, world recession, climate change, poverty, sustainability and social injustice. More than ever before, we need world changing answers and we need them fast.

Arvind Devalia with his new book “Personal Social Responsibility” is on a one man mission to help business people and their companies find just the right answers before it is too late.

As we increasingly question the way we live our lives, business people need to ask themselves powerful questions to convert our good intentions into positive actions. It is all about not just doing things right, but doing the right thing.

In fact even USA President Elect Barrack Obama in the last two weeks has been talking at length about how he hopes to usher in “a return to an ethic of personal responsibility”.

With perfect timing, Arvind has published “Personal Social Responsibility” as the ultimate guide and workbook for business people to discover and map out their own journey of personal ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.

Arvind passionately argues that in the world today, the key question is how can WE as individuals and groups improve the world?

“Personal Social Responsibility” is all about

•    doing to others what you would like others do to you.
•    recognizing how your behaviour affects others, and holding yourself accountable for your actions
•    being in integrity and doing the right thing for the right moral reasons.
•    addressing how we live our lives and the impact we have on everything and everyone around us, both locally and globally.

It is now time for business people to be more and more aware about their own social responsibility. Arvind’s book offers the first steps towards making that happen by providing a simple but powerful systematic process for understanding how by “doing the right thing” people can create even stronger businesses. It contains 52 powerful questions that will forever change how business people look at their life and the way they run their businesses. From this foundation, they can then go on to create a solid plan of action for introducing new practice.

For more information about Arvind’s workbook please visit the Personal Social Responsibility website.  Visit our Green and Ethical Directory for a comprehensive list of businesses that place integrity and ethics at the heart of their business.