Ethical Handwoven Scarves

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A handwoven scarf is the perfect Christmas gift – practical and stylish!  At Where Does It Come From? our scarves are ethically made using environment friendly processes, so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s been no negative impacts in its creation.  We have a wide range of unique  designs at and each comes with a code on the label so its new owner can explore its journey and the people involved, right back to the cotton field.

Where Does It Come From? scarves are made from the handwoven cotton fabric called khadi which was promoted by Gandhi as a key part of India’s independence – it is no co-incidence that the Indian Flag has a spinning wheel!  This soft, textured fabric works beautifully in a scarf and we have hand-printed our own designs from wildlife such as moose, bees and tigers to more funky designs such as teapots!  Our elephant design was made famous this year when Joanna Lumley wore it on an elephant safari in India on her TV documentary ‘Joanna Lumley’s India’.

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