Ethical Production Ensures Only The Best Quality

Jacobs Well is a business which has been created by the Charity Oasis Global
In Bangalore – India, Jacobs Well employs ‘graduates’ from the Oasis vocational training courses which are aimed at vulnerable young people from poor backgrounds, with no employment prospects, living in slum conditions on the streets of urban cities.

The women produce a range of own branded fair trade children’s clothing and bags. They also run a project in Uganda, women are taught paper bead making skills.With these skills, the women are able to make Jacobs Well jewellery.

In addition to producing high quality own branded products Jacobs Well is an ethical production facility acting as a professional production facility for designers and a wide range of companies. The production facility offers services for sampling of collections or producing small to large production runs.
Jacobs Well ensure no child labour is involved.  Workers enjoy fair wages and a friendly and safe working environment in addition to further in-house training.  All proceeds are reinvested into our work, so we can bring transformation to many more lives.

We also work alongside the Charity Oasis UK in working with their school academies which in the past have undertaken design projects. Recently producing the designs for our Christmas cards on our website.

To see the beautiful range of hand-crafted products please visit the website.