It's Fair Trade Fortnight And It's Not Just About Food

Many people associate Fair Trade with food and drink products and some whilst some advocates would only ever think of sipping on fair trade tea they may well neglect to apply the same principles to the toiletries and make up they use.

Fair Trade fortnight is a great time to switch to more natural and ethically sourced body products and what better place to start than the Visionary Soap company who have been entirely dedicated to fair trade since the business’ inception in May 2005. Their products consist of an organic body care range handcrafted in the UK and abroad using ingredients from producers in Palestine, India, Ghana, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa.

I was lucky enough to sample the gorgeous shea butter & oatmeal soap along with the lavendar bath melts.  As someone who has extremely sensitive skin and rather stuck in their ways when it comes to trying new toiletries, both products suited my skin, smelt nice and were pleasant to use. The bath melt especially was a luxurious treat and as a busy mum of two small children bath night seemed extremely decadent as not only was I enveloped by the sweet scent of lavendar but had lavendar flowers floating around me too. Pure bliss! The melt also contained shea butter which left my dry skin feeling really hydated.

For those of you who wish to try these feel good and fair trade goodies the Visionary Soap range is stocked by Waitrose, Traidcraft & Oxfam.

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