Fairwind and Fair Trees are Finalists in The Great Awards

Fairwind and Fair Trees are finalists in the gift industry’s prestigious “The Great Awards 2012”. Being finalists in the Best Retailer Initiative category is a great endorsement for the efforts that Fairwind and Fair Trees have made towards changing the lives of cone pickers in Georgia.

The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony at the Lancaster Hotel, London, on 17th May 2012.

Teresa Owen, owner of Fairwind says “This is wonderful news for Fairwind, Fair Trees and the cone pickers of Georgia. We hope that the publicity surrounding this award nomination will help make more people aware of the serious ethical issues that the European Christmas tree industry needs to address.”

Fairwind has been campaigning to make Nordmann Fir Christmas trees in the UK fair trade. Working with the only grower of fair trade Christmas trees (Fair Trees) in the world, Bols Forstplanteskole in Denmark, Fairwind is trying to educate consumers and retailers about the ethical issues surrounding real Christmas trees. Fairwind is also hoping to sign up the first UK grower of Fair Trees this year. And every Christmas Fairwind sells Fair Trees through its website; at the moment Fairwind is the only source of fair trade Christmas trees in the UK.

Teresa Owen also managed to persuade Katie Melua to become a supporter and patron of the Fair Trees initiative and a film of her meeting the owners of Fair Trees can be seen here

Fairwind is also working in partnership with Fair Trees and an insurance repairs business, MA Assist, to raise £10,000 to renovate a local school in the cone picking region of Georgia. The project should be completed summer 2012.

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