Five tips to make your loft eco-friendly

Loft conversions are great for adding more space to your home. Taking advantage of unused space
means there’s less reason to relocate. Plus, it’s considerably more cost-effective.
However, when planning your loft conversion, be sure to consider using sustainable materials and
insulation to help you save on expenses, as your roof space has a huge impact on the overall
efficiency of your home.

Sustainable materials

Try to use eco-friendly materials where possible, such as reclaimed timber or brick. Or, if you can
source wood from sustainably managed forests, such as FSC or PEFC-certified wood – you’ll be doing
your bit for the planet.

To create the roof of your loft conversion, try to re-use tiles or materials that you already have
available that helped build the loft originally. Alternatively, sourcing reclaimed roof tiles made from
recyclable materials such as rubber or wood fibres will do the trick.


Loft insulation is incredibly important, as you’ll lose lots of heat through your roof without it. Your
boiler may have to work overtime, increasing your property’s carbon footprint.
Installing insulation between the walls and ceiling will help prevent energy loss. Sourcing insulation
that’s made from recycled glass, paper or cellulose fibre will ensure you’re choosing more eco-
friendly materials to save on your energy bills.

You should also ensure that the door to your loft is fitted perfectly with the correct parts,
such as door catches
and latches to ensure no cold air can get through.

Warm windows

Installing double or triple-glazed windows will make your loft warmer and quieter. They can help
capture any natural heat and store it within the loft, keeping your home well-insulated throughout
the winter months.

Adding glazing layers will contribute to cutting energy bill costs, and there’s never been a more
important time to do so
. Plus, they’ll keep you cooler in the summer and increase the safety of your
home, too.

Energy efficient appliances

Whatever the reason for your loft renovation, be sure to consider purchasing more energy efficient
appliances to save on your bills.

If you’re using the space as an extra bedroom or entertainment space, be sure to choose energy
efficient televisions, speakers or fridges if you’re planning to keep drinks and snacks.

Or, if you’re building a new utility space, be sure to choose energy and water-efficient washing
machines and dryers, as these can largely contribute to your rising bills.

Eco-friendly lighting

Using the natural light from your loft windows is free and great for during the day. However, you will
need an additional lighting source as it gets darker.

Rather than choosing traditional light bulbs, consider investing in LED bulbs as these are energy-
efficient, long-lasting and don’t product heat.