Free Solar Panels-Are They Really Free?

By now you have probably heard about free solar panels and how good they are if you want to get renewable energy for your home. But how much do you really know about this deal? Are the panels really free? Can you make money out of them?

If you want to know the answers, keep reading. We’ve looked into this area in more detail and we’ve got the information you need to know.

Why are the solar panels free?

Firstly it really is true that you can get free solar panels fitted to the roof of your home. However there are some conditions attached, as you’d expect in this situation.

For starters the panels are fitted by the solar panel company, and since they’re fitting them without charging you for the privilege, they still own them. In order to get the money back for their good deed, they will claim the feed-in tariff paid by the government for having the installation. However you get to use the energy the panels generate for you.

How much money can I make/save?

It depends on a number of factors, but the larger the installation the more electricity it will be capable of generating. South facing installations generate the most energy, so there is the potential to save more money on your energy bills if you are fortunate enough to benefit from this.

Another consideration is the money you will be saving on the installation, this usually costs thousands of pounds. However you should remember you won’t receive the tariff from the government for generating the electricity – this will go to the solar company, though you will be receiving the free energy you generate.

**What if I want to sell my house?**

This is an important point to think about. Some people maybe unsure about the idea of buying a house with solar panels on it, especially if the tariff from those panels was being claimed by the company that installed them. In this case you need to think about your likelihood of moving in the near future, so you can decide whether or not to proceed with an installation. Find out as much as you can about the options and whether or not it would be wise to install free solar panels if you are moving relatively soon (or considering it).

As you can see, while the offer of free solar panels is a good one for many, it may not be ideal for everyone. It all depends on the situation you are in, whether or not you intend to move in the future and whether you want to claim the feed-in tariff for your own benefit or not. This should help you decide whether to go ahead with the free installation or whether it would be better to wait until you can afford to pay for the panels yourself.

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