Gear Up: Essential Baby Items Every New Mum Needs

Becoming a new mom is an exciting yet overwhelming time. As your due date approaches, you
may be wondering what items are absolutely essential to have on hand for your baby's first few
months of life. Making smart purchases can help set you and your little one up for success
during the newborn phase. This informative guide highlights six must-have categories of baby
gear to help you prepare for life with your bundle of joy.

Nursery Furniture – Setting up the nursery is one of the most fun tasks for expecting parents.
Keep it simple by focusing on these key pieces:

Crib – A safe and comfortable crib is non-negotiable. Look for one that meets current safety
standards, allowing baby to sleep soundly through the night. Many convert to a toddler bed later
on. Take time to review different crib options and prices to find one that fits within your budget.
Registering for your crib is also a great way to get a discount on this essential item.

Dresser – Sturdy storage is essential. A dresser provides space for baby's clothing, blankets,
diapering supplies and more. Opt for a smooth, non-toxic finish. Look for a dresser with ample
drawer space to accommodate all of baby's clothes and items. Dressers equipped with
changing pads on top make diaper duty easier. Be sure to wash all of baby's clothing and linens
with the best laundry detergent for babies before placing items in the dresser. Using the best
laundry detergent for babies will help avoid irritating sensitive skin.

Glider/rocker – You'll cherish this cozy spot for nursing, soothing, reading stories and bonding
with your little one. Padded arms and washable cushions are useful features. Select a glider or
rocker with smooth gliding motion and the right height for you to comfortably sit. Having a
footstool can also help provide extra comfort and support.

Sleep Essentials – Nothing is more important than your newborn getting adequate, high-quality
sleep. Have these items ready for action:

Bassinet or co-sleeper – Keep baby close in those early months with a portable sleeping space
like a bassinet, mini crib or co-sleeper that attaches safely to your bed frame. Be sure to follow
the manufacturer's weight and height limits for safe sleep. Portable bassinets with wheels allow
you to easily move baby around the house.

Sound machine – Shhhhh. Drown out unwanted noises to help baby (and Mom!) sleep easier.
Look for different sound options and timer capabilities. Test out the volume and sounds before
baby arrives to make sure they are soothing.

Blackout shades – Naps are easier for light-sensitive newborns when the nursery is pitch black.
Invest in room darkening blinds, curtains or shades. Opt for blackout shades in fun patterns to
help create a peaceful nursery environment.

Swaddle blankets – Feeling snug and secure helps infants sleep more soundly. Swaddle
blankets are specially designed to wrap baby up nice and snug. Velcro or zipper swaddles take
the guesswork out of getting a tight, safe swaddle.

Crib sheets – Stock up on soft, breathable cotton crib sheets. You'll be changing them frequently
with all of those middle-of-the-night diaper leaks. Opt for vibrant colors and sweet patterns. Buy
multiple crib sheet sets for at least weekly changes and laundry rotations.

Diapering Must-Haves – Brace yourself…you'll go through a lot (8-12+) of diapers per day. Stock
up on these newborn diapering essentials:

Diapers – Whether you use disposables or cloth, keeping a huge supply is crucial. Stockpile
different sizes for your baby's rapidly growing body. Take advantage of sales and bulk pricing
when stocking up on hundreds of essential diapers.

Wipes – Gentle, hypoallergenic wipes help keep your baby clean and comfortable during diaper
changes. Fragrance-free and alcohol-free varieties are ideal. Stock up on refill packs of wipes
for the diaper bag and around the house.

Diaper cream – Prevent and soothe rashes with a nourishing, zinc oxide-based cream. Apply
with each change. Look for cream specially formulated for delicate new-born skin.

Changing pad – A soft, wipeable surface makes diaper duty more pleasant. Look for one with
safety straps or raised sides. Waterproof liners add extra protection. Opt for a padded changing
pad with a removable, machine-washable cover.

Diaper pail or wet bag – Contain messes and odours between trips to the trash or washing
machine. Hands-free steps and odour control features are useful. Look for a diaper pail with a
locking lid and antimicrobial protection to contain odours.

Feeding Essentials – Keeping your baby fed and nourished around the clock is your top priority.
Stock up on these feeding must-haves:

Bibs – Mealtime can get messy with a new eater on board. Bibs catch dribbles and make clean
up a breeze. Consider waterproof or cloth options. Have multiple bibs on hand so you can easily
replace messy ones during feedings.

Burp cloths – Speaking of messes, you'll need plenty of soft cloths to tuck under baby's chin
while burping or to wipe up spit-up. Focus on absorbency. Look for large, multi-pack bundles of
burp cloths to save money.

Bottles – Whether you primarily breastfeed or bottle feed, have a few baby bottles on hand. Look
for BPA-free models sized for newborn feeding. Opt for a bottle brush and drying rack to make
washing a breeze.

Breastfeeding support – If you plan to breastfeed, invest in quality nipple cream, nursing pads, a
supportive pillow and a breast pump (manual or electric based on your needs). Having the right
gear makes nursing easier. Talk to lactation consultants about helpful products and tips for your
breastfeeding journey.

Formula – Even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed, it can be helpful to have a small supply of
formula samples from the pediatrician in case of challenges. Talk to your doctor about the best
options. Make sure to follow exact measurements and sanitizing procedures when preparing
formula bottles.

Sterilizer – Properly sterilizing bottles, nipples and other feeding supplies is essential for your
baby's health. Look for an easy-to-use model. Microwave or electric steam sterilizers offer fast,
effective sanitizing.

Baby Bathing Basics – Giving your bundle of joy a soothing bath is a special bonding ritual.
Stock your baby bath supply kit with:

Baby tub or sink insert – A cozy, secure baby tub makes bath time safer and less stressful for
parents and newborns. Many fold up for storage. Inflatable tubs with hammocks and positions
are very versatile.

Baby wash – Choose a gentle cleanser made specifically for babies. Fragrance-free and tear-
free varieties are best. Opt for wash formulated with natural oils and moisturizers to nurture skin.

Hooded towels – These ultra-soft hooded towels wrap baby up snugly after bath time while
absorbing moisture. Opt for a few large sizes to use well into toddlerhood. Look for hooded
towels with cute designs or animals on the hood.

Baby-safe lotion – Hydrate your little one's skin with a moisturizing, hypoallergenic baby lotion.
Use after baths and as needed for dry skin. Choose unscented lotions enriched with shea butter
or colloidal oatmeal.

Thermometer – Bath water temperature should stay between 90-100 F to avoid burns or chills.
Invest in a tub thermometer for safety and comfort. Place the bath thermometer in the water
before adding baby to double check temperature.

Health and Safety Essentials – It's natural to want to baby-proof your home thoroughly for your
new arrival. Focus on these top safety items:

Baby monitor – High-tech monitors with video, motion tracking and night vision give extra peace
of mind. Plus, you can watch your cutie snooze from another room! Look for monitors with
talkback features so you can soothe baby from afar.

Nasal aspirator – Clear mucus and soothe stuffy noses with a bulb syringe or battery-powered
aspirator. Saline spray helps loosen congestion beforehand. Have a few aspirators on hand to
designate for sickness and keep sanitized.

Rectal thermometer – Take accurate readings when baby seems warm with a digital
thermometer. Look for soft, flexible tips for comfort. Have infant acetaminophen ready to treat
any fever that develops.

Medicine dispensing supplies – Stock infant acetaminophen, syringes and medicine pacifiers to
address fevers under your pediatrician's care. Only use medications and dosages specifically
approved by your paediatrician.

Nail clippers – Tiny nails grow so fast! Invest in an infant nail clipper set and snip while baby is
sleeping. File nails gently after clipping to smooth any sharp edges.

Grooming kit – Cover head-to-toe care with soft bristle brushes, combs, a nasal trimmer and
more. Plus, you'll need baby-safe laundry detergent, dish soap and other cleaners. Focus on
gentle, natural grooming products designed just for babies.

Car seat – This gear is non-negotiable for safe transport. Be sure to have it properly installed
well before your due date. Review car seat safety guidelines and attend an inspection event to
ensure proper installation.

With the highest safety ratings, smart features, and useful add-ons like stroller compatibility,
today's baby gear makes it easier for new parents to rest assured their little one is protected
and cared for. Focus on quality over quantity as you build your supply of new mom necessities.

Ask friends, family and other moms for recommendations on the products they loved most
during that sweet newborn stage. Stay flexible – your own preferences and your baby's needs
may shift and change over time. Above all, cherish each moment with your precious little
bundle. This too shall pass all too soon!