Getting Canny With It:The Kit To Help You Save Up To £680 A Year

Greenfinder is proud to present the new and improved Kitchen Canny kit – a practical tool to tackle food waste in the home. Developed by the environmental charity Changeworks, the pilot project worked with 38 community groups in Scotland who helped to distribute over 3,000 Kitchen Canny kits. Success of the first phase has resulted in Changeworks launching the kits throughout the UK – and they are now available to buy right here!

The Kitchen Canny kit guides you through some quick steps to help with meal planning, cooking and food shopping, giving advice on how to:

Save money…wasted food cost the average UK family with children £680 a year. Save time… less wasted food means less time food shopping. Discover skills… to save money, time and energy. Help the environment… 7.2 million tonnes of food are thrown away by UK householders every year.

The kits have already proven their worth, as independent analysis* of the pilot revealed an average reduction in edible food waste of 37% in participating households. This works out at a saving of 409.5 kg CO2e per annum per household (and approximately £160).

The issue of food waste is one that affects us all – a recent WRAP report showed that UK families can waste as much as a whopping £680 per year – just imagine what you could do with that extra money! This is where the Kitchen Canny kit comes in. People who have used the kits have remarked “I now realise I do waste food when I thought I didn’t” and “The amount we were wasting was ridiculous. We are now saving £30 per week!”

Not only is the kit effective, it’s easy to use as well. Each kit contains:

• 6 canny step-by-step cards to guide you through the process • 1 shopping and meal planner to stick on your fridge – creating shopping lists will be a breeze! • 3 canny bags to compare your waste before and after the challenge • 1 canny sticker so you can celebrate your achievement in reducing waste • 1 kit registration number to stay in touch with us and with other users

Kitchen Canny has an active online presence on Facebook and Twitter and you are encouraged to join this community of food lovers once you buy a kit. You can also track your progress with a free Facebook app.

Is food waste an issue in your home? Kitchen Canny can help. And, even if you are frugal with your food, why not challenge yourself? Buy a kit today and get the whole family involved in planning your meals – it really is a lot of fun!

Each kit costs £10 plus £2.59 P&P (UK). Invest in a few pounds now and save hundreds in the future! (Changeworks can offer community groups, organisations, businesses and councils bulk discounts. Please get in touch for details.)

Please see or email for more information. You can also ‘Like’ Kitchen Canny on Facebook (Kitchen-Canny), follow Kitchen Canny on Twitter (@KitchenCanny) or subscribe to the Kitchen Canny blog.

– Independent analysis was conducted by SISTech (Scottish Institute for Sustainable Technology) in 2011.

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