Give A Practical Present And Help Transform Peoples Lives In The Third World

Every year £2 billion is wasted on unwanted Christmas gifts (source: eBay and YouGov, 2008), so save time and send a gift with a heart. Practical Presents are a fantastic alternative to socks and chocs – head straight to our website to view our fantastic range of alternative gifts.

How they work:

Practical Presents works like this: you make a much appreciated donation for the gift you would like to send to a friend or loved one and we take care of the rest by sending a gift notification and presentation pack to you to pass on or directly to the recipient. Meanwhile we put your donation to work straight away, helping to transform the lives of poor people overseas.

We have something for everyone…

Fluffy Ducks

On the flood plains of Bangladesh, duck rearing is of vital importance to poor families who struggle to keep themselves and their animals afloat when floods strike. Fortunately this is not a problem for the Fluffy Ducks Practical Action helps to provide. When land is waterlogged, ducks can swim and continue to produce eggs that are nutritious and tasty. This means that families can remain healthy during the floods as well as continuing to gain an income to pay for food, clothing and other necessities.

He may just look cute and fluffy, but ducks like this little chap are invaluable in the battle against poverty.

Green-Fingered Gifts

Where do poor people grow food when their farmland is underwater? On a floating bed of weeds, of course. In Bangladesh, poor people’s crop fields are destroyed by floods every year. However, by constructing a raft made of water hyacinth, families can grow the vegetables they need to survive. Then, when the growing season ends, the raft can be used as vital compost. You can send a Floating Garden as a Practical Present this Christmas and show your friends and loved ones how gardening is done on the flood plains of Bangladesh!

Terrific Tools

For £10, the gift of Terrific Tools could provide a set of tools and materials to poor Nepalese farmers and enable them to cultivate a better future for their families. This gift is perfect for all those green-fingered friends.

Tiny Trees

Tree saplings are vital to communities in developing countries. In Sudan, the baobab tree or ‘tree of life’ produces a fruit that can be eaten and provides three times as much vitamin C as an orange and more calcium than spinach. It helps to prevent a wide range of ailments and the bark can be woven into clothing or rope to sell. Send the gift of Tiny Trees and help people around the world grow a brighter future.

This year Practical Presents are offering a complimentary gift of a Fairtrade bookmark, handmade in Nepal and printed with a Mithila image. This is a lovely exchange for a generous donation in buying any Practical Present.

For more practical presents view our website on the link below.

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