Giving Time & Solutions New Logo – It’s ALL about TIME!

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TIME is very precious – Life is short – Anything can happen in ‘one second’

Having been in business for 9 years, the time was right to rebrand and design a meaningful new logo for Giving Time And Solutions Ltd.

MAKING A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE – From 2009 to now 2018

Giving Time And Solutions Ltd has helped and continues to help people to manage their time more effectively and achieve their sustainability and work-life balance goals.

Being driven by values and professionalism, and by selectively working with the right like-minded people within Giving Time And Solutions Ltd’s network, has helped and is helping with the company’s vision.

Business Owner Tripta comments, “Trust is important. Having strong analytical skills and over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology (IT) have all proved to be very useful – lots of top tips and advice are given on trust and best practice. Attending events and speaking to like-minded real people who genuinely care and are passionate about animals, nature, and health has influenced me in veganism and living a plant-based lifestyle which is kind to animals and the environment. In all honesty, in prioritising who, where and what I give my time to, I’ve successfully achieved my personal and professional goals and work-life balance. In carrying out a 5-year review, I have definitely seen an improvement in my health, fitness and wellbeing, am living a completely different lifestyle to how I was in 2013, and I’ve never looked back. I’m happier and healthier.”

As stated in Giving Time And Solutions Ltd’s privacy policy, published on the company website on Friday 18 May 2018:

‘Technology and the Internet can be accessed globally by people of all age groups at any time.’

Professionalism matters. When you spend time using technology you should take into consideration whether it is having a positive effect on the environment and your/other people’s wellbeing – bear in mind, children, including babies and toddlers, now also have access to gadgets. Whether you are a business owner or chief executive, having professional people in your business network is very important to ensure you are focused on successfully achieving your goals and objectives – recruiting professional people, training your employees and building and maintaining trust with people in your business network is time worth investing in. Therefore, using technology professionally is of vital importance.

It’s very important to look at what you are doing now and how it affects the future. Every second matters, every second counts.

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