GO Green Tips

The Go Green Company is a new company aimed at doing something positive for the environment. They provide hints and tips so that you can take simple steps to making your life greener and in doing so helping the environment. Their eco tip section will often save you money and not cost a penny. For example, it may be obvious to turn off a light switch when you leave a room, but you would be surprised how many of us don’t do just that!

Top Tips for going green

• Turn off the tap when you clean your teeth

• Put a hippo water saver in your cistern and save around 6,000 litres of water per year and oth

• Turn the radiator off in your bedroom, and purchase a natural wool duvet and other products from our extensive bedding range

• Get rid of the plastic bags, use a reusable shopping bag

• Turn your heating down by 1 degree (19 c is considered just the right temperature)

• Turn off all electronic machines left on standby

• Use natural cleaning products – see our extensive range of ecover products

• Compost all your organic waste, and buy a water butt

• Switch to a green and renewable electricity supplier

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